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To add your race to FinishLine, you'll need:

  • Accurate timing data for each of your athletes, and
  • A GoPro video camera that will run continuously while your race is under way, positioned near the timing mat

Accurate timing data for each of your athletes

You'll need accurately recorded timing data for your athletes. If you're using a timing company, they will be able to give you a .csv ("comma separated values") file with what you need. (Click here for a sample file.)

Because our system depends on accurate timing data, if you're not using a timing company or otherwise accurately recording your athletes' times, we can't automatically create personal videos for your athletes. Contact us if you're looking for a timing company for your event.

Camera that runs continuously

Once you have identified one athlete in your video, as long as your camera shot continuously while your event was taking place our system can look up the timing for any athlete from your event and create his or her personal video.

Start your video camera recording before the first athlete comes and keep it shooting continuously looking in the same direction until after the last athlete passes.

If your race will be a timed event and you'll be able to set up a GoPro near the timing mat, click here to add your race.