How to send your athletes the link to their videos

Start - if you haven't already - by adding your race to

Three options for sending athletes their links

When you're ready to share, there are different ways to do it depending on your bulk email system. 

Email them a link that includes their bib number

This is the easiest way for your athletes because each one will get a link that goes straight to their video. In your email template, create a link using the following structure:[your_race_id_goes_here]/watch?bib=[athlete_bib_number_goes_here]

To find your race id:

For example, the Suburban Chevrolte Ann Arbor Goddess Run had race id of 15, and the race winner's bib was 865 - so that athlete's link is:

Email them a link that goes to your race

Second best (in terms of convenience for your athletes) is to send them a link to your race's watch page:[your_race_id_goes_here]/watch

Athletes will have to enter their bib numbers in order to see their videos.

Super easy and not at all bad for athletes

Send them to They'll select your race and input their bib number.