Upload athletes from your race

Why do I need to upload athlete info?

First of all: We'll never contact your athletes for any reason (click here for our privacy policy.)

When one of your athletes watches their video from your race, we'll display their name and bib number on the page. Makes it more fun for your athletes to share with their friends and family!

From the race dashboard, click on the link that says "Upload athletes for this race". On the upload page (screenshot below) you can download a csv template so you know what your upload should look like. Or click here to download the template now.


  • Create a csv file with your athletes' information (three columns only: bib, first name and last name)
  • Click 'Choose file' on the 'Athlete import page' and select your csv file
  • Click 'Test csv file'
  • The system will display some rows of your athletes' data. Double-check to make sure that the athletes you're uploading are being uploaded to the correct race.
  • Click 'Yes, import athletes for this race'
Screenshot of the athlete import page

Here's what the confirmation page will look like

Confirmation page for athlete uploader