Uploading video

Uploading video

From the camera page you can upload the video from your camera. If you have video files from more than one camera at your race, upload each camera's video files to that camera's own Camera page by clicking on the link that reads 'Upload video files from this camera'.

Drag and drop the video files from your GoPro into the 'Upload videos' window and LEAVE THIS WINDOW OPEN IN YOUR BROWSER. The uploader will return to your race page when the uploading is complete.

You can open other tabs in your browser while your files are uploading.

A note about upload speeds

Uploading video can take a long time. You'll want to upload your video using the fastest internet connection available to you. Also, video files are really large (compared to other file types) - we recommend against uploading using your cell phone / mobile device as an internet hotspot. A couple of video files, fully uploaded, could use up a whole month's data plan!

Screenshot of the 'upload video' page